Stuffed By the Cameraman

Joey's here to do a solo. He is 22 and an outdoorsman, including "sports" with both guys and girls. His first experience with a guy happened when only two years ago and "was a blur" he says. Joey is versatile and "likes to stay active." For, this is Joey, who is "Fucked by the Cameraman." Joey has a very tight, very hot body and works on it at least five days a week; dedication does pay off. He moves to the bed and slides off his underwear to "reveal himself." He says he's "open minded" and I'm glad; a succulent Amateur Dick like his should not be wasted. As Joey works himself up, I pan up and down his sexy body; a nice close-up of his cock arouses me. When I ask what arouses him, he lists his: neck, lower stomach, groin and inner thighs. He then pulls apart his cheeks to show a very nice hole; sweet enough to suck and fun enough to pound I think. He turns around and asks for lube; he greases up his hole and fingers himself. Swirling his fingers around that treasure, I can't help but give him a hand; I start with a finger and feel my way from there. Joey says it, "feels really good," I agree, he does have an inviting hole. "You're tight," I comment; Joey replies, "happens when you work out a lot." As I finger deeper, I pan to his side with the camera; Joey is on all fours and his body is insanely gorgeous; he asks if, "I want to take it a little further?" I jump at the chance; "you gonna screw me?" he inquires. Without another word, Joey spins around, undoes my pants, releasing my hard Amateur Cock, and turns around to ride back on me. As Joey begins to pull himself on and off my Amateur Cock, I tell him, "you're in control." Working together, we slide back and forth. I film and bang, while Joey watches some of the porn and pants. Soon we are both breathing heavy as I thrust into him. Turning him over on his back, I go inside again; Joey smiles. As I go "balls deep," Joey moans that he, "likes me in there." He then begins to tug at himself while I continue to ebb and flow. I'm getting close I tell Joey and then pull out to shoot my load on his hole and balls. 'It's your turn,' I then tell him; Joey strokes for a bit then sends streams of jizz chin to chest, a bit also pools up on his groin. Joey is indeed a guy that is fit enough to hammer. Download this video and more here!


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