Nick Kush & Ryan King

When Eddie and I are down at the beach, we meet a guy named Ryan King. He's spending the day skateboarding and just hanging out. This 21 year old doesn't have a job, but picks up some cash doing odd jobs and playing pool. I see if he's down with making some money filming at our studio. He agrees and we head back to the office. At, you never know when you pick a guy up just what is going to happen; I won't even go into the story about the hustler that stole all our equipment, hence, the new camera. While chatting Ryan up, I go over the idea of an oral scene with Nick Kush, 20, who is here watching cartoons, typical for him. Anyway, I think I freak Ryan out when I remind him this is a amateur gay, guy on guy studio. But, he agrees to try, "I didn't know what to expect." So, I invite you to check out Ryan, new to "this business," and my filming skills with my "new equipment;" you know I'd have to slide that one in. Nick comes in and as the two sit together, I lay out the oral plan; good to go, they both stip. Holy shit, Ryan has brought along his "A-game," as he whips out a soft cock that's got to be 4" already. He says it's about 7.5" hard; I cannot wait to see that happen. Eddie chimes in, "two big dick mother fuckers, Clash of the Titans." Standing side by side, they look pretty good together and I think this will take a while to film, but it will be worth it. As both work on getting hard, Nick starts in with his crazy ideas about guys Amateur Fucking, "I heard one guy never walked the same after being fucked;" oh Nick. Sometimes good looks come in very 'interesting' packages. Both hard, I have Ryan go down on Nick first; he seems comfortable enough sucking. As I film, I get the feeling Ryan has had "previous experience." He does seem to enjoy sucking and even goes out of his way to work Nick's head and shaft so that the experience for Nick, is better than expected. Nick starts moaning, "oh yeah, just like that" so I know Ryan's doing a good job. Then I have Nick work on his oral skills; I remind him not to slobber all over and use his lips. "It's a big Amateur Cock," comments Nick as he goes up and down Ryan's shaft; 'it's really thick' I add. Seeing how easy the shoot is going, I suggest the two "spice things up a bit," and try Amateur Anal. Nick is the first to bitch, "me, with that?!" "I'll plug, but I'm not gonna get ramed" he quips. Ryan's more quiet, I think he may be willing to take a cock, but just needs a moment to "put aside his manhood." "Okay, I'll try," Ryan says and quickly jumps up for the lube. He says he's never been with a guy and in fact, this will be Nick's first time banging a guy as well. Two newbies just taking it slow; how I bet the futon is "shaking its preverbal head" at this point. Starting off doggie style, it's going to take a while for these two to "find a rhythm," but they'll get there. As I pan up to Nick, at this point, he seems to be "getting the better end" of the deal. Ryan is starting to loosen up, but he isn't saying much. I go around front and ask Ryan if he's ever, 'pokeed his girlfriend in the ass?' When he says, "yes," I tell him now he 'has a whole new level of respect for her.' Feeling the 'stimulation,' Ryan starts to say what he is feeling, "fucking feels good." Going around to the back, Nick seems to be having no trouble going balls deep. Changing up the pace, Nick does comment that Ryan's Amateur Butt is a lot tighter than any girl he has been with; I won't even comment on that one. Flipping Ryan over to his back, Ryan almost immediately moans, "oh my God, this position is way better." I don't think it's just me who is witnessing the 'birth of a bottom.' Ryan really is getting into this which is arousing Nick as well. At one point, both of the guys look at the camera and smile; shit that is a nice shot, if I do say so myself. After a bit, Nick looks like he's going to cum, so I ask. Ryan chimes in and says, "oh my God, don't stop; I never thought a guy could make me feel like this;" Ryan is definitely the poster child for, "screw me, big boy!" I just hope his girlfriend is open minded, because I don't think this boy's going to be, "heading back to the farm now that he's seen Pari." By now, both need to cum, but Nick is running out of steam, so I have them masturbate. After a bit, Nick blows his large, thick load onto Ryan. Surprised by the size and feeling, I then have Nick use his splooge as a lube to get Ryan off. I tell Nick, "you nailed him, now you're going to suck him." Nick sucks for a bit, but prefers to give Ryan a handjob. This took forever as Nick kept getting Ryan close, but with no release. 'Nick, this is your boss speaking, next time you are working on getting a guy off, try rubbing his fuckin' head, not just shaft;' I'm going to have to work with Nick more on his "skills." Finally, and I do mean finally, Ryan blows his load all over his stomach; he has a sizeable load worked up and it was great to see that he finally got some relief. I hope Ryan comes back because filming a true bottom is one of the many pleasures I get holding, "this equipment." Download the Full Video at


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