Nick Kush

So in walks a virgin; okay, "a virgin with guys" that is. Nick Kush is a 19 year old, straight boy who has done some porn, straight porn, and now wants to be "rented." I figure his photos were hot enough so I had him come in for a solo, but this boy's so horny, he keeps asking me to touch his dick, and 'yes,' I do. Nick is 6'2", 175, uncut and is what I would call 'Jerseylicious.' He's got the body and the hair, as well as being Italian. And you know what they say about the Amateur Dicks on Italian men; yep, it's true. He is also not shy at all about sharing his 'bounty.' This shoot is a bit long, but since you're looking at a hottie, I didn't think you'd mind; hell, I may need to rent him for myself. Nick keeps asking, "don't you want to get your hands on this?" It does take a while for Nick to get really hard, but I must admit, it's a nice Amateur Dick. He likes to jerk it for a while, then stop and stare at it, rolling it on his leg; I like this guy. As well, he keeps telling himself to, jerk that fuckin' cock; he does like to orate what is happening. He also likes to look at the camera as he tugs; he is definitely not shy about his abilities. As Nick lies back on the futon and jerks himself, I'm thinking if he can cum, he will really make a nice addition to the futon. Nick goes silent, but for the gasps of air he quickly takes in and says, "I'm ready to hammer'… cum." As I tell him to, 'shoot it,' a huge stream of white jizz jumps out of his Amateur Dick and lands on his shoulder. With capturing it on film and all, it does take me a minute, but all I can think is that, it looks like a bird flew over and shit on the boy. That was one hot cumshot. While he lies there, he looks at his shoulder, and starts to lick up his own cum. Guys, Nick is an Italian Stallion not to be missed. Download the Full Video at



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