Ian Rivera & Cole Sloan

Today's hotties are Ian Rivera and Cole Sloan. We start by interviewing Ian about his first sexual experience. Apparently Ian had an admirer on his swim team; this is where Ian learned how fun the deep end could be. For Asianboynation.com, cum see where a swimmer meets a paddle and heads "up" river. On the bed with Ian, Cole dives right in as the two kiss passionately. Cole says that Ian is, "good with his tongue." Ian quips, "you have no idea." As Ian strips Cole and licks down his stomach, Ian pulls off Cole's underwear and comments, "well, well, well, seems like I have some work to do." Ian goes down on Cole's thick Amateur Dick and instantly impresses Cole, "damn," remarks Cole. "This is going to be fun," smirks Ian. He also tells Cole what a nice beautiful Amateur Dick he has. Cole replies by swallowing Ian's Amateur Cock. This has Ian panting from the get go; Cole devours and doesn't come up for air until Ian is fully erect. The boys move into a 69 and moan as they suck. Ian's Amateur Dick ring serves only as a suggestion to a stopping point; Cole ignores the ring and powers through, balls and all. As Cole enters Ian, the bottom moans, "fuck yeah, nail my Amateur Butt." Cole thrusting his thick cock into Ian has both of them are in instantaneous pleasure. In a missionary position, Ian tries to catch his breath, but Cole has quickened the pace. Ian grabs his Amateur Dick and hold on for dear life; "nail me;" Ian manages to get out as he grabs the bed for support. Ian then goes atop to ride Cole, "oh yeah" whimpers Ian as Cole thrusts from below. I capture the action from above as the two gallop into ecstasy. "Oh shit," pants the bottom as the top is at a full gate. The two caress and again kiss; Ian begins to jerk his hard cock while Cole is still inside him. "Oh nail," gasps Ian as he produces a healthy load of white jizz. Ian then goes to work on Cole, sucking until Cole grabs his Amateur Dick and shouts, "I'm gonna cum." Cole delivers a sweet load onto Ian's face, most of Cole's load is quickly lapped up by Ian; "I love the cum from you fat Amateur Dick," remarks Ian. Download the full HD video at AsianBoyNation.com


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