Nightfall: Dario Beck & Jecht Parker

Nervous and new to the scene, Dario Beck chats on his phone with a nearby Amateur Hunk looking to hook up. Jecht Parker suddenly finds him all alone at night by the fountain in the park, intently staring at Dario as he rubs his jean bulge. Dario releases his uncut cock and strokes, Jecht getting closer. Their faces inches apart, Jecht reaches down and strokes the stranger, the two finally kissing before Jecht bends down to slurp. Dario slowly nails his face, Jecht looking up as he works. Dario lifts him up for a kiss and then leads him against a tree, sucking him off as Jecht nervously looks around the park. The two strip, Dario getting it doggie style. They kiss, Dario getting on his back and stroking his meat as he gets pluged—Jecht’s tight balls caught in a low shot as he bangs, the top’s abs also tightening up. The two squirt, Dario’s bush drizzled with cum.



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