So, you want me to dominate you, little wanker

In Angers, the Sneaker community is not super common… and yet some are willing to go far to come clean sneakers for Matt Surfer and his 9.5 inch Amateur Dick.

As the scene opens, we find Matt Surfer getting intimate time with his sneakers. Matt has a fetish with his sneakers and gives them a good tongue cleaning and inspects their odor. After a good licking and proper scent inspection, he starts to rub his Amateur Dick still inside his pants. You may very well know the monster that lies within those pants if you've seen Matt in our other videos. It isn't long before we see the tent start to rise.

In walks Tony Sket, another young man that knows how to give sneakers a good cleaning and jumps right in to give Matt a helping tongue. There's a definite connection between your feet and your cock and these two men have no problem making the connection. While Tony licks and sniffs, Matt now pulls out that monster cock and starts stroking it for all of us to see.

The camera breaks away and we now see Tony applying some good tongue action to Matt's huge uncut Amateur Dick. Keeping his work close at hand, Tony also uses Matt's sneaker like a "flesh jack" as he continues licking the outside of the sneaker as if bobbing up and down on Matt's Amateur Dick with every stroke of the sneaker.

The eroticism of Tony's foreplay has Matt wanting more and we now see Matt plunder Tony's little ass while bracing himself up against the wall. The cameraman moves in for a closer look and we see Matt's balls rocking back and forth as he pounds Tony harder and faster.

As Matt gets ready to blow, he pulls out and unloads his jizz all over Tony's ass. With nothing to clean up the mess, Matt does the only thing he can… he licks up his own cum cleaning up the mess before pulling up his pants and walking away as Tony is left to finish himself off.



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