Powerstroke: Christopher Daniels & Caleb Colton

With his blond hair spiked up, bearded <strong>Christopher Daniels</strong> locks lips with buzz-cut Amateur Hunk <strong>Caleb Colton</strong>. The tattooed Caleb soon has his lips around Christopher’s hot pink shaft, working it up as constant kisses interrupt him. Christopher leans down and reaches for Caleb’s Amateur Butt as his smooth balls get tongued, soon turning the sucker around to eat and finger his hole. The top slides inside, his blond bush slamming against the hot bottom’s ass. His forehead scrunched tight with each thrust, Caleb moans as Christopher’s chiseled stomach tightens as he pokes. The sweaty bottom sits down on Christopher, grinding his Amateur Butt tight as he bounces—with Christopher then taking control from below, pump Amateur Fucking the Amateur Hunk(“Take it!”) as a gorgeous close-up shows off his shaft. Turning the bottom over, Christopher continues to stuff as he spits down on the bottom’s cock, which bobs back and forth before the two release their loads.



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