Fast Friends: Jessy Ares & Will Swagger

On a break from his construction job, Will Swagger cruises Jessy Ares in the park. “Wanna be up to something?” asks the flattered stranger, who is soon pressed against an apartment wall as they kiss. Will feasts on Jessy’s massive tool, which juts into the air. Spit falls from Jessy’s mouth, the two kissing in between deep-throat thrusts by Will—who gets his face Amateur Cock-whipped and boneed, the sucker gasping for air in the aggressive oral sequence. Jessy eats and fingers Will’s Amateur Muscle butt, grinding his boner on it before fucking him doggie style. Jessy slaps Will’s Amateur Butt, the bottom emitting laugh-filled moans of pleasure. Will shows off his boner, then turns around as Jessy sucks it. “Damn!” whispers Will, Jessy spitting on his bud’s big chest before grabbing it. On his back, Will gets pokeed some more. Still hard as a rock, the bottom stares into Jessy’s eyes, the top licking Will’s leg as he deep stuffs him—spitting on him before they squirt.



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