Barebacking Amateur Dick Suckin Latinos Clip # 2

Petr and Radek start this scene out with some passionate kissing and groping as Petr works Radek’s shirt off revealing a nice tone upper body. Soon after Petr has his jeans pushed down around his ankles with his cock sticking out of the top of his underwear leading to Radek’s lips finding their way wrapped around it. During this time Petr has his hands buried deep into Radek’s jeans massaging his man meat. Petr now shows Padek that he has some skills in the art of Amateur Dick sucking by taking his Amateur Dick deep into the back of his throat and teasing him with a little tongue play. Petr leans forward over the edge of the couch as Radek enters his tight hole bareback with his nice thick Amateur Dick. Readek seems to be getting a little too wild with his back and forth motions as his hard uncut cock keeps slipping out of our boys tight Amateur Butt. That doesn’t seem to bother him though, he just sticks it straight back into our boys eager hole and continues screwing away. Plenty of different positions in this scene with many different camera angles showing up close bareback Amateur Anal entry. In the end Radek pulls out and shoots a nice load just below Petr’s nut sack and Petr strokes out a load onto his smooth stomach.



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