Cum Covered Latin Boy Clip # 3

Blond boy Raphael starts out this scene on his knees servicing two hot Latin studs. Kneeling between these two buff studs you can see Raphael is a very small framed boy but as you will later see he has the amateur sex drive of 10 men. Amado is sporting the huge tattooed arms and wearing the baseball cap decides to get more comfortable and strips out of his cloths while Raphael concentrates on blowing Romea. Once completely naked Amado takes control of the action as he grabs Raphael by the hair and forces him to take his Amateur Dick all the way to the base then pushing him over and forcing him to suck Romeo’s cock. Amado then proceeds to prep our boys ass for a nice Amateur Fucking as he spanks it, fingers it and rams his hard Amateur Dick off his ass cheeks. Spitting in his crack he works his finger deep into Raphael’s smooth tight hole as Romeo the quiet one sits in the background and receives what he is given by Amado who is in total control of this action. Both Amado and Romea take turns fingering Raphael seeing as he is going to be taking both these Amateur Hunks Amateur Dicks. Now that Raphael’s ass is prepped our two Amateur Muscle Amateur Hunks take turns tag team Amateur Fucking our young stud. You can hear him moaning and groaning as these to Amateur Hunks take turns nailing our boys nice tight ass with their thick Latin cocks. Raphael certainly gets a work out in this scene. His ass and Lip of constantly full of Amateur Dick during this session. You would think after this tag team Amateur Fucking he would be done but nope. He now gets up on top of Amado’s cock and rides it like a cowboy. Amado of course helps to assure our boy gets all the way to the head of his Amateur Dick and back down to the base by lifting our boy up and down with his big muscular arms. In the end our skinny little boy actually squirts out a nice big load onto his smooth tight stomach as Amado stands above him and shoots a nice gooey man load right into his Lip. Cum is dribbling out of this boys Lip and down his chin as he smiles in pure delight. Pretty hot. Raphael then looks over at Romeo as he wants his load as well but we think Romeo didn’t like the look of cum all over our boys face and just decided to pass,LOL.



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