Koki Revenge Fucks Yuya

After fucking Koki's virgin ass last week on the tatami floor, Yuya thought he could just leave without taking care of Koki's rock hard dick. Koki pulls him back and tells Yuya that he's not finished yet. He shoves his big cock down Yuya's throat and starts Amateur Fucking his face. Horny for Yuya's hot Amateur Twink ass, he starts rimming that hole while still getting his cock sucked by Yuya. He pounds that sweet mouth some more while lubing up and fingering Yuya's tight sphincter. He then stands up to nail his Lip some more one more time before tapping Yuya's Amateur Butt.

And tap that ass he most certainly does. First it's doggy style, as Yuya bones that hole and Yuya moans like a bitch. 'Kimochi?' Koki asks, but Yuya is too busy getting drilled to answer whether or not it feels good. Koki throws Yuya around like his little battering fuck, raming him hard with his big thick tool. The 2 get into a new anal position I would like to call the 'squat nail' or 'frog bang' where Koki squats and screws Yuya's asshole. He gives that ass deep, rough thrusts showing no mercy, while poor Yuya's back is getting all scratched up from the Tatami floor. Koki shows no mercy on that Amateur Butt though, and keeps on Amateur Fucking and boneing it. Download the full HD video at Japanboyz.com



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