HS71S1 Travis and Brayden

Brayden decides to go for a walk and enjoy the warm San Diego weather when he stumbles upon Travis admiring the scenery. The two instantly hit it off but Travis is to shy to show public affection so he invites Brayden back to his place. Brayden doesn't wait more than two feet into Travis' pad before pushing him up against the wall and firmly making out with him. The two make their way into the living room where dry humping and heavy petting lead into clothes dropping to the floor for some skin on skin smooth twink action. Stuffing from behind and making out are these boys position of choice. Travis directs Brayden to missionary style stuffing where he jerks his cock to a creamy raw explosion all over his chest. Travis lifts his legs and waits for the warm load of Brayden to hit his hole to conclude this random raw encounter. Starring: Travis Groves, Brayden White



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