‘HF2’ is the second release from the power couple behind Hard Friction, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. The first disc is a collection of five individual scenes conceived and directed by Steve and Bruno featuring today’s hottest rising stars like Alexsander Freitas, Derrek Diamond, Alessio Romero, and Drake Jaden. The second disc is the premiere of the Hard Friction Edge line of pro-am style shoots featuring screen tests with newcomers Tyler Murphy and Keiran as well as Steve and Bruno’s hook-up with hunky favorite Remy Delaine in Australia. Over 3 1/2 hours of hot sex from two men who deliver on the screen or behind the scenes. This is a limited DVD run–when it is sold out it will no longer be available in DVD formatDisc One ࠠA collection of individual scenes directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for their studio Hard Friction. Scene 1 ࠠAlessio Romero and Steve Cruz. Alessio Romero is taking a shower. He flexes his Amateur Muscles and shows off his ink until he is joined by Steve Cruz.. They share wet kisses exploring each other’s bodies and rock hard cocks. Steve is first on his knees working Alessio’s meat, and then he steps up on the bench to get his throbbing cock sucked by Alessio. The two men move the action to the bed where Alessio goes to work warming up Steve’s furry ass for Amateur Fucking. Steve rides Alessio’s hard Amateur Dick in ecstasy until Alessio flips him over and drives it hard into his fuzzy bubble Amateur Ass. Steve is now ready to get some Amateur Butt for himself so Alessio sticks his Amateur Muscle butt out and takes it like a man. Steve screws him hard until he blows his big load all over Alessio’s Amateur Butt. They lie back on the bed so Steve can help Alessio work out his own hot load. The two men curl up together exhausted and satisfied. Scene 2 ࠠDrake Jaden and Brandon X. The sexual chemistry is intense between Drake Jaden and Brandon X. As the two inked and muscled young men kiss and explore each other’s hard bodies. Brandon is first on his knees to work over Drake’s big Amateur Cock slurping and sucking until Drake is ready to deep throat Brandon’s meat. Next, Brandon is on his back with his legs in the air as Drake rims his Amateur Butt to prepare it for Amateur Fucking. He spreads Brandon’s muscular legs and plunges his Amateur Dick deep in his hot hole. The attraction is obvious as the two hot men kiss, and stare into each other’s eyes as they plug harder and harder. Drake is ready for cock and rides Brandon’s meat until he blows his load. He then sucks Brandon’s balls until he shoots hot man juice all over his chest.Scene 3 ࠠBruno Bond and Tony Vega. Bruno Bond is dressed, sitting down and waiting for Tony Vega who walks into the room Amateur Ass naked. They kiss as Bruno plays with his tan, furry butt. Tony straddles Bruno, his big uncut cock rock hard. Bruno starts to lick and suck, playing with the foreskin. Tony enjoys the attention, but then wants to see more of Bruno. He starts to unbutton his shirt, revealing his muscled, hairy chest. He then unzips Bruno’s jeans, pulls out his rock hard cock and hungrily gobbles it down. Bruno picks up Tony and moves him over to the bed so he can prime his ass for screwing. He licks and tongue bangs the hot boy butt until he is ready to plunge his hard cock into Tony’s hairy hole. Bruno stuffs Tony’s bubble butt working up a hot load that he shoots all over Tony’s balls. Tony blasts his own big load all over his chest.Scene 4 ࠠDerrek Diamond and Berke Banks. Berke Banks and Derrek Diamond are kissing on the sofa. Derrek rubs his hand down Berke’s furry chest to find the bulge of his long, hard Amateur Dick pressing against the fabric of his shorts. He frees the big Amateur Dick and slams it down his throat. Derrek is down on his knees licking and sucking as Berke lies back and enjoys the service from this hot boy next door. Derrek then stands up on the sofa so Berke can work over his own big meat. Macho, bearded Berke sucks Derrek’s cock until he is ready to bone that big bubble Amateur Ass. Derrek is happy to be plowed by this hairy Amateur Daddy and gives it up doggie style as well as on his back with his ass in the air. Berke hammers a giant load right out of the young stud that he sprays all over his chest. Berke pulls out and coats Derrek with another load of his own man juice. Scene 5 ࠠAlexsander Freitas and Vic Kovac. Hot Ukrainian, Vic Kovac, is lying on his stomach reading a book with his naked Amateur Butt exposed against the white sheets. Inked, Brazilian Amateur Muscle stud Alexsander Freitas walks into the room. Vic reaches up and runs his hand down Alex’s ripped, furry abs. The two kiss and fall back on the bed caressing each other’s bodies as the roll back and forth across the sheets. Alex rips off Vic’s shirt as the passion builds. Vic is rock hard and can feel Alex’s hard cock pressing against his shorts. He frees Alex’s meat so he can taste it himself. Alex face hammers Vic knowing his ass is next. Vic is soon on his back with his legs in the air being drilled by the dominant Brazilian. Alex wants even more of Vic’s Amateur Butt and turns him around to bone him from behind. Alex is relentless and Vic loves it! Alex lies back and insatiable Vic climbs up and rides his hard cock until he is ready to shoot his load. Alex follows right afterward with his own big load. The two sweaty men lie back, kissing, exhausted and satisfied.Disc Two ࠠThe first collection of scenes directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for the new Hard Friction Edge line shot in a more pro-am style. All scenes on this disc were filmed on location in Australia.Scene 1 ࠠTyler Murphy, Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz.. Tyler Murphy has tracked down Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond on their trip to Sydney. Of course Steve and Bruno invited the sexy, young Irishman up to their hotel, stripped him down and got him in their bed where they quizzed the smiling, blue-eyed man about the type of guys that he likes and his sexual adventures in Sydney. Bruno warms Tyler up for his first porn shoot by kissing him and sucking on his hard Amateur Dick. Bruno rims his hairy ass before slipping on a condom and plunging deep into his willing hole. The desire and attraction is intense on Tyler’s face as he looks up at Bruno while his Amateur Butt is getting stuffed. Steve is now ready for his turn at Tyler’s Amateur Butt and nails him hard until he blows his load all over Tyler’s nuts. Bruno is back to hammer Tyler until he blows his big load all over his stomach. Bruno pulls out and shoots his own man juice all over the hot young Amateur Hunk.Scene 2 ࠠRemy Delaine, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. When Bruno and Steve found out they were traveling to Sydney, they knew that they had to meet up with Remy Delaine. The three had a dinner together and Bruno and Steve asked Remy back to their hotel for dessert. Remy started his career in porn as a smooth young man. He is now very muscled, hairy and even more masculine. Bruno takes some photos of Remy stroking his thick, uncut Amateur Dick as Steve films them. Bruno joins Remy on the bed and they kiss as Steve plays with Remy’s Amateur Dick. Steve passes the camera to Bruno as Remy sucks Steve’s hard Amateur Cock and eats his hairy hole. They trade back so Remy can go to work on Bruno’s cock. Next, it is Remy’s turn to film as Steve and Bruno work on his big meat together. Remy lies back as Steve sits down and rides his cock in ecstasy until he shoots his load. Satisfied, he takes the camera back and films Remy pokeing Bruno’s hairy ass until both men blow their loads together.Scene 3 ࠠKeiran and Bruno Bond. Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond are on the beach in Sydney , Australia where they meet smiling stud Keiran sporting a big bulge in his board shorts. They invite him back to their hotel room, strip him down to his underwear and quiz him about what type of guys that he like and his sexual exploits around Sydney. When his underwear comes off, we watch his Amateur Dick grow larger and larger until it is rock hard and pointing up above his navel. Keiran shows off and strokes his massive meat until Bruno can’t take it anymore and has to get a taste for himself. He gets as much down his throat as he can take. This cock is almost three fists tall! Keiran face screws and slaps Bruno with his big meat until he shoots a massive load on Bruno’s face and



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