In another fantastic pound film set in the city of Buenos Aires director Ben Leon brings Raging Stallion Stars and new faces with big Amateur Cocks to the screen. Anoche reaches into the night before and the morning after to find hot men pokeing and sucking as the world wakes up and goes to bed again.Alejandro Fernandez wakes up in a bed by himself. As he reaches down to stroke his growing cock Bahiano Fox comes out of the shower and into bed. These two amazing Amateur Hunks kiss passionately as they both get aroused. Alejandro is quite a specimen big and broad and muscular with beautiful eyes and a huge fat uncut Amateur Dick dangling between his legs. Bahiano is darker skinned and tall and dripping with sexuality and a fat uncut Amateur Dick. Bahiano moves from Alejandro’s lips to his Amateur Dick working it aggressively from his big balls to the fat head. Bahiano moves to eating Alejandro’s plump Amateur Butt before offering his own Amateur Butt up for boneing. Alejandro suits up and begins Amateur Fucking Bahiano, pushing deep into him with his big dick. These two plug with passion and intensity until they both blow loads.As the sun sets over the city Leandro Fernandez and Ezequiel Sol are kissing on the balcony of beautiful old building. As the city heads into night these two find each others bodies more than engaging. Leandro is first on his knees undressing young Ezequiel slowly and working his cock from soft to rock hard. Ezequiel has a smooth young man’s body with natural pecs and arms and a smile that broadens as Leandro sucks his cock. When the boys move from the balcony to the couch we get a chance to study Leandro’s muscular body and his big cock. They work each other up into sixty nine position before Leandro takes the lead and shoves his dick up into Ezequiel’s lightly hairy butt. Leandro rams aggressively before giving up his own Amateur Butt to Ezequiel. Leandro’s Amateur Butt squeezes a load out of Ezequiel who then kisses and Leandro until he spills his own load. Alejandro and Erik Hassan are kissing in the living room and discovering each other’s bodies. They are already stripped to the waist allowing us to see the beautiful muscles on their chests and hiding their erections. Alejandro is big and broad while Erik is younger and slimmer but equally defined. Erik is quick to get Alejandro’s big Amateur Cock in his Lip and he works it deep into his throat as Antonio Biaggi arrives and joins this steamy team. Antonio is tall and muscular and between his legs lives a huge 11″ uncut Amateur Cock. Antonio gets on his knees and takes turns swallowing Alejandro’s massive cock as Erik watches. These three men switch around again and again so everyone gets a taste before Erik offers up his hole for play. Antonio dives in tongue first before they lay Erik out on the table to drill him from both ends. Alejandro feeds Erik dick while Antonio feeds his asshole. These two men take turns tearing up Erik’s Amateur Ass, switching off again and again giving Erik tons of pleasure and tons of Amateur Cock. As Antonio hammers away Alejandro stands up and blows his load all over Erik followed by Erik covering his own chest with his spooge. Antonio pulls out and adds the cum puddle on Erik’s chest.Antonio is back and hanging out on his balcony as Bahiano Fox is walking down the street. The two studs make eye contact and Antonio invites him up. When these two meet at the stairs they begin immediately undressing. Bahiano works his way down to Antonio’s huge Amateur Cock and struggles to fit the massive rod down his throat. When he gets a chance Antonio goes first for Bahiano’s bubble Amateur Ass, burying his face between the cheeks and working his hole with his tongue. When Bahiano turns around his dick is rock hard and Antonio begins his job sucking the pre-cum off the tip and then swallowing Bahiano’s fat Amateur Dick to the balls. As Bahiano gets worked up Antonio returns to his ass for another taste before suiting up and shoving his large Amateur Cock into the tight dark hole. Bahiano takes it like a pro and Antonio stuffs him enthusiastically, pushing deep deep inside and then pulling out before nailing back in again. Bahiano takes it bent over and then moves to the couch to get some face to face Amateur Fucking. Antonio complies with his massive dick pushing in and out of Bahiano’s Amateur Butt. The two men poke like crazy until Bahiano can’t hold back and lets the cum fly covering his abs. Antonio follows suit and blows his load, bends over and licks up his cum as the scene ends.As the city heads again towards night Sebastian Gola smokes a cigarette and heads inside. As he rides the elevator Andres de la Serna is leaving the pool, back to his room and into the steam of the shower. As Andres rinses we get a chance to study his amazing muscular body, his bulging biceps and pecs and the fat and long dick that dangles between his legs. When Sebastian enters Andres dries off and they meet on the bed with a kiss. These two must have some history because they kiss intimately and with so much passion. Andres is already naked as he undresses Sebastian slowly revealing an amazing tight body with bulging Amateur Muscles and an amazing set of abs. Sebastian is eager to get some Amateur Cock in his Lip and works his way to Andres’s big dick. Sebastian puts the huge Amateur Cock in his mouth and pushes himself to swallow as much of it as he can. Soon it is obvious that both men enjoy Amateur Dick-sucking because they wrestle around taking turns sucking Amateur Cock with kisses in between. Sebastian also has an amazing ass and Andres does not ignore it. He works his tongue into Sebastian’s hole as Sebastian groans with pleasure. Soon Andres is Amateur Fucking Sebastian slowly at first but gaining speed. Through three different screw positions the passion of these two men builds until Sebastian shoots a creamy load with Andres still inside him. Andres pulls out and spills his seed with Sebastian watching eagerly.


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