Jacuzzi Three-Way Clip # 1

Who doesn’t love a jacuzzi especially if there are three naked buff Amateur Hunks involved? These three jocks soap each other up good in the outdoor shower and then head to the jacuzzi for some hot bubbly cock sucking action. Miles has a nice thick uncut Amateur Dick on him with a hot purple head and both our boys Paul and Alexander are certainly enjoying taking turns wrapping their lips around it. Miles eats Paul’s ass as he takes turn working him up with his tongue and rubbing his thick cock between Paul’s tight little bubble butt all while Paul has his mouth full with Alexander’s Amateur Dick. Paul is finally ready to take it in the ass so Mile’s screws him with his fat uncut cock and Paul loves ever moment of it. Thick uncut Amateur Dick deep in his Amateur Butt with more uncut Amateur Dick deep in his throat. Alexander shoots a huge hot load all over Paul’s face. Then he proceeds to lick up his own cum and give Paul a nice cum flavored kiss. After Paul turns around and Mile’s covers his neck with more man juice. I’m sure we will want to make sure this hot tub gets a good cleaning afterwords 😉



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