College Amateur Dudes – Gavin And Rocco

Two hot college dudes watching a porn together, stroking their big Amateur Dicks, and busting a creamy load, what a great thought! Gavin and Rocco, being roommates, may have seen each other in a towel coming out of the shower a few times, but never before had they busted a nut together. Thankfully we brought these two together one night to really work it up. In fact, we told them that there would be a contest: the guy with the most cum would be the winner. You will have to watch the vid to see who won. There was a lot of joking and embarrassed laughter in this vid, which is pretty hot to watch. I think my favorite thing about this vid was how Rock-Hard Rocco was throughout. He did not once get even a little semi-soft. . . maybe there is hope for him yet?



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