Elder White: Chapter 2: The Invitation

Elder White’s mission has been full of surprises, but nothing quite so surprising as the situation he finds himself in now – buck naked, lying on his back on a desk, with his head hanging over the edge and a horse-cock Amateur Fucking his tight throat so hard that he’s gagging and tears are running down his handsome face. Although Elder White has always followed the rules precisely, never giving in to the temptation offered by the boys and men constantly surrounding him as a missionary, he knows exactly how attractive he is. His companions have dropped countless, subtle invitations – leaving the bathroom door open while they shower, hanging out in the apartment in their underwear, sleeping naked. But Elder White has taken a perverse pleasure in turning all of them down. Even the boys he’s attracted to have never gotten so much as hug out of him. But the moment he sees President Nelson, he knows that his show of being untouchable is about to end. The man is one solid chunk of Amateur Muscle. His square jaw, his huge hands, his deep voice – everything about him makes the young missionary want to get on his knees and worship the man’s cock. And when the President strips him naked, tosses him on the desk, and then slides his monster cock out of his pants, the boy can hardly believe his luck.



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