3937 Lucky, Tom, and Richi

Lucky Taylor, Tom Hawai and Richi Rich team up for an incredible three-way return to Badpuppy. Lucky and Richi have Tom pinned up against the wall kissing and fondling him; but, it's not long before the three hot Amateur Hunks are all naked, with Tom on his knees with Lucky and Richi's cock buried deep in his throat. Tom's apparently really turning on Richi as Richi starts cumming while Tom's tongue works its magic on his Amateur Dick shaft. Tom can't hold it and he blows his load all over the floor with Lucky joining in, squirting jizz all over the place. But; it's not over; Lucky and Richi drop to their knees and start orally pleasuring Tom. One of them is working on his thick cock and the other taking care of his balls. As the two of them start working Tom's shaft together Tom's surprises both and dumps a load of cum for the two of them to lick up and enjoy. It's not long before Richi is bent over the chair sucking Lucky's Amateur Dick and Tom drives his thick cock right up Richi's Amateur Butt. Before long they switch it up and Richi's riding Lucky's cock while sucking Tom's Amateur Dick. As Richi's bounces up and down; harder and harder on Lucky's Amateur Dick, his own cock begins squirting jizz without the aid of his hands. Lucky pulls his cock out of Ricki's ass and he is already cumming himself, with his cum squirting up onto Richi's balls and slidding off onto the floor.



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