Lance Steele and Torque

After they've stripped off their shirts, Torque kisses his way down Lance's torso. Lance kneels and Torque cups his balls while sucking his straight boy cock, which stiffens up pretty fast. Torque kisses his way back up from Lance's stiffy to his Lip. Then Lance shows that he's not at all squeamish about sucking Torque and they slip into a 69. When Lance's Amateur Cock is about as solid as it's going to get, Torque drops back to his knees to suck it, while jerking himself off. Torque is ready for Lance to nail him and so Lance takes him doggy style. When Torque rolls over onto his back, Lance keeps pounding. Lance hits the spot and Torque jacks himself off, spilling a steady stream of cum, and licking it off his own fingers. Lance then kneels over Torque to bust an intense nut. Torque has never stopped jerking off and has another intense orgasm. Lance and Torque exchange a final yummy cummy kiss.



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