Feeding Keith

Pumphouse Media proudly presents ”Feeding Keith”, a film that will have you following Keith Gordon on his mission to fulfill his thirst for cum. Director Viper brings us a movie featuring 7 cum filled scenes and clocks in at a girthy 2 hours. Your Amateur Cock will pulse watching Keith take on the rods of Johnny Hunger, Jason Phisher, Austin Grecko, Devin West, Rene Lakes, and new comers Quinn Cassidy, Ricky Castro and Troy Eros.

Keith meets up with his sister’s ex-boyfriend who confides in him that he had been secretly checking out Keith while dating his sister. They quickly move things along and are soon slobbering all over each other’s hardening cocks.

While that last blow job was hot, our Amateur Hunk Keith is still hungry. We soon find him working three separate dicks with his mouth and hands. These hung men take turns sucking each other off and shoot their sticky loads into a massive spoon, which they then feed to a very hungry Keith.

Our man isn’t done yet, as we soon discover him working a couple of cocks with his deep throat. He slips and slides their smooth Amateur Cocks between his wet lips. After some serious sucking all three take turns blowing their wads all over a table, letting Keith clean it up with his tongue…

Things slow down a bit in the next scene with Keith working just one lucky stud’s cock with his magic Lip. Things get kinky though when his new found suck buddy blows his load all over Keith’s leather boot, which he then licks up.

Keith’s magic number is two though, as we find him sucking two dudes off at a time in the next two scenes. He knows exactly how to get every drop of seed out of any cock, no matter the length and girth.

The film wraps up with Keith taking on one final Amateur Dick. These two take turns playing with each other on the coach before finally spraying warm loads all over the place.

Keith’s hunger is contagious and ”Feeding Keith” will leave you drooling for a spoon full of cum.



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