Mirai's Big Future

One of the many hot soapy features on Mirai; wait until he turns around. This JapanBoyz.com model is sexy and hung; yep, he's a "choker." After he showers, Mirai sits and strokes using a stimulation sleeve; watching his cock is very "stimulating." Showing his torso, Mirai has a hot pair of nipples, the kind you could nibble all day. Legs up and spread, here is another beautiful part of this hottie; his hole is a top's "treasure." Lying on the bed, Mirai continues to work himself; his body tightens as he gets closer. Going back and forth between his cock and nipples, Mirai is one who knows how to satisfy. As he cums, sprays of jizz land all over. Since his name means "the future," I think it's safe to say we'll have someone "choking" on this boy real soon.



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