Timmy & Aaron Snow

Timmy and Aaron have worked and played together before, so their comfort level is obvious in this scene. Making out rather passionately, they slowly strip each other naked. Timmy's Amateur Dick is super hard and pops out of his boxers already leaking, so Aaron goes on it. Hungry for some of Aaron's long cock, Timmy tells his buddy to stand up. Not content with just blowing Aaron, Timmy admits he's thinking about stuffing the boy's ass. This prompts Aaron to suck his own cock briefly, which gets Timmy even hotter. Then Aaron sits back on the couch and Timmy hammers him patiently and steadily. Aaron is soon ready to bust his nut and blasts 2 or 3 powerful streams of cum onto his own face. He stays pretty hard and keeps jacking, while Timmy uses some of his buddy's cum to lube up his own Amateur Dick. There's more jacking and smiling until Timmy straddles Aaron and delivers a heavy load on his chest, which he soon declares Tasty.



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