Double Pound

Reminiscing, takes you back to the fun of AJ and Eric West. I'm sure they're still out there somewhere, Amateur Fucking. Enjoying each other's bodies, as do we, AJ goes right for Eric's pierced nipples before "heading south." Once at the "land of plenty," AJ sucks vigorously. Reciprocity being Eric's forte`, he goes down and gets the boy hard and wet. "I wanna stuff that Amateur Butt," beams AJ; Eric just rolls to his back and lubes up. Going slow, AJ pushes in and both boys rock and pant. The top's hips sway back and forth as his Amateur Dick penetrates fully. Grabbing AJ's legs, Eric draws his partner even closer. "Yeah, smack my ass" moans Eric as the top then has them going doggie. Slapping his balls up against Eric's taint, AJ is full of rhythm; now he wants to be "banged" by Eric. "I want you to hammer me" quips AJ. Eric is all about servicing so he goes deep and hard until he has to pull out and shoot. Dripping onto AJ's cock, the boy uses the "lube" to blow fast and hard.



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