Real Boyfriends Cole And AJ

Well it’s about time I unveiled the mysterious man that was seen in AJ’s bonus film – it was, of course, his boyfriend Cole! This super fit fella is the second half of a dazzlingly hot couple and once he saw how great we film people he asked if he could take a turn… like I was going to say no! “Sure, the more the merrier” I insisted and so Cole and AJ returned. But hey, things didn’t turn out exactly as planned but you know me – I just go with the flow.

Cole set about his solo determined to prove that he can perform just as well as his gorgeous counterpart. But as Cole starts to stroke his fine uncut 7 inches to full mast, he’s playfully interrupted by a “can I join in?” from the corner of the room! Yep, AJ was feeling real horny watching his boyfriend stroke his Amateur Cock and wanted in! Given a resounding “Yes!” from Cole, AJ walked over and began to remove his Amateur Dick from his jeans…

Off camera, I had to insist the guys only touch and kiss – I wasn’t quite ready for another bout of horny boyfriend amateur sex! But soon they found my Fleshjack and both Cole and AJ were quickly taking turns pleasuring each other. As the frustration of only being able to go so far increased so did the sexual energy… and so Cole jerks off AJ sending his spunk flying everywhere before AJ takes Cole’s throbbing dick in his hand and receives one large face-full of hot jizz.



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