Daniel Shows Off

In this video, Daniel begins by introducing himself. Speaking in a thick Georgia accent, he explains that he likes four wheelers and fishing. Then he says that he has a treat for us, and promptly removes his shorts and shirt. He has a cute baby face, but when his shirt comes off, he looks more like a bad boy with the arm sleeve and metal cross chain. He might be rough trade in the future, but right now he is simply a guy enjoying himself for our pleasure. Initially he keeps on his underwear, whipping his Amateur Dick out and working it up. He has a nice dick, and he strokes it gently with his right hand, while his left hand cups his balls. When the underwear come off, he lifts up his foot onto the couch to show off his white Amateur Butt and nice hole. As he jerks, he rubs his finger around his asshole for some extra sensation. He wanks it in many different positions: bending over to show us his Amateur Butt, standing up, and lying down. As he gets close, his sexy legs tense up, and he begins to jerk faster. He finally shoots out several bursts of warm jizz onto himself, and only then does he take in several deep breathes. Hot Southern Boy!



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