This Ass Is Full Of Class

Taking the young man's clothes and running off, Toraemon and Tanaka come back to have their way with Kaede. The shorter punk is Toraemon and the tall bully is Tanaka; the lucky bottom is Kaede. Having him up on all fours and "in position" to learn, the guys pull out their "toys" for Working their way "in," Kaede seems to be quite the "receiver" of this raming; that toy fits all the way in. Tanaka undoes his pants for some oral "receiving" of his own. The two then "torment" Kaede by serving up both their Amateur Cocks for gratification. Stud-handling Kaede, the two punks take him to a "more private" class to tap his Amateur Butt; Toraemon drills while the other is sucked. Hammering hard, I don't know who's teaching whom, but I like this hard lesson. Once again, the bottom takes it all in "stride;" looks like the top is going to blow as Kaede's Amateur Butt proves that by staying tight, "you can get a head." Blowing, the top pulls out, empties his load onto Kaede's stomach and tosses him his school clothes, class dismissed.



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