The Yin & Yang of Boyhood Part 1

Yura, holding the showerhead, is here today with Yoshinori, the Amateur Muscle. Soaping the young man down, Yura makes sure to get all the "good bits;" my, looks like he definitely knows how to use his hands. Next, it's Yoshinori who gets busy. The two touch and fondle as "spooning" comes before "forking." Using the jets of the water to pleasure themselves, they then dry off and head to bed. Continuing to use their hands, without soap, these models are in for the long-haul encounter, as this multi-part film will demonstrate. Both guys are well-hung and a nice warm Lip proves that quickly; they take turns enjoying each other's hunk parts. With lots of body worship and slurping, grab your lube and "work" along. Grinding into one another, this yin and yang of boyhood is to be relished slowly; the 69 is in perfect unison. Yura pulls out a toy to have fun with his boy; the sensations have Yoshinori whimpering with pleasure. Working Yoshinori's hole on high, Yura follows with his skilled tongue, then lubes up his fingers. The action is as tight as the camera shot as these twinks enjoy. Pulling himself up onto Yura's "well placed" finger, Yoshinori takes a bit of a ride before lying back down. Jerking his own Amateur Dick, Yoshinori moans as Yura works his hole until Yoshinori blows, streaking his torso. Again, this is only the first of a two-part "in-counter," Yura is up next.



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