Two Thumbs Up For Raming Fuji

We all know "who" goes on here, lots of sex with older guys and younger twinks. This is a perfect place for Fuji, the young bottom, to meet Heddo Bosu, the top. Seductive in his ways, Fuji undresses in front of the top, for all our pleasure. This video answers the question, "who do you have to nail around here to get a-head?" As the two caress and explore one another, Fuji loves Heddo Bosu's large chest. Bent over, looks like the top found his favorite "spot" on the young man as well. Appreciating the twink's sweet hole, the top sucks it and explores "internally." Returning the sensation, Fuji takes in Heddo Bosu's Amateur Dick and tastes. Bobbing up and down, the bottom's Lip is working almost as hard as his ass will. Lubing him up, Heddo Bosu fingers and even gives the boy "two thumbs up" for fun. With a firm grip on both hips, the top slides in and has Fuji nodding "yes" continually. Putting Fuji in a headlock, Heddo Bosu pounds the boy from behind. Fully satisfied, the top then finishes inside Fuji.



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