APP-Lication for Sex Part Two

Tadashi, rhythmically pumping in Kaede, grabs at the bottom's hips for leverage. As Kaede moans, Tadashi pulls him onto his Amateur Cock and goes in deeper. Jerking the amateur twink, while still in him, the top then puts his partner on his back. In this position, they are able to have more body contact. Tadashi strokes Kaede off as he slides in and out. With the camera angle above, we can enjoy the two, almost as much as they are relishing one another. Tadashi then lies on his back so that the bottom can take over. Sitting atop, Kaede works his body up and down. After a bit, the pumping action is taken over by the top, thrusting up from below. As they roll back to missionary style, Tadashi is close. He then jumps up, and goes for Kaede's awaiting mouth. Sucking every last drop, the bottom gleefully shows his partner all their hard work. They share a cute moment of "cum play" before Tadashi leaves. Alone, Kaede pulls up a couple of hot photos and blows his load all over his groin. The best part of social media, hitting the "favorites" button for future reference.



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