Dirty Jobs 3: A Hisho Did the Job-O

"Dirty Jobs: Hard At Work" is a series of films that show the present day workmen and the position they are put into. Being a traditional Japanese company, you have laborers doing whatever is asked. We have some younger amateur twinks, who are working their way up the ladder, as well as the established bosses, whose high standards must be met and beaten. There is even the "Executive Conference Room," set up for "assessments." As all the guys are "hard at work," a good day ensures a "happy ending." From the start of this video, you know Boysstarmovie.com means business, messy business. Next in the interview process, this "in-tern" wants to put his best foot forward, but that's not really the "ass-pect" the interviewer wants to see. Once the terms are laid out, things go from on to off, clothes wise. Setting the pace, the examiner drops down and sucks on the "hisho," or clerk; this job just might be a piece of cake, or at least a piece of something. It's now up to the recruit to get "in deep." After sucking the assessor off, the "hisho" lives up to his job description and does not disappoint. Creampied, the intern goes on his way, a little "slicker for the dicker."



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