Dirty Jobs 2: Team Building Exercise

"Dirty Jobs" is a series of films that show the present day workmen and the position they are put into. Being a traditional Japanese company, you have laborers doing whatever is asked. We have some younger amateur twinks, who are working their way up the ladder, as well as the established bosses, whose high standards must be met and beaten. There is even the "Executive Conference Room," set up for "staffing." As all the guys are "hard at work," a good day ensures a "happy ending." From the start of this video, you know Boysstarmovie.com means business, messy business. As Fuji, in the sweater and Keisuke, in the white shirt wait to give their all to the boss hunk, they figure a bit more practice wouldn't hurt; might even be a sweet ending. They both are "kekenshain" right now, but I'm sure the temporary worker status will convert to a "full on position." Getting naked and showing his awesome Amateur Twink body, Fuji stands to do some team work. Keisuke drops to his knees and blows the young man before the "flavor" is returned. Once Keisuke pulls out that large knob, Fuji can't help but "Lip on." But it seems like the more Fuji sucks, the more Keisuke wants back down on his knees; even giving a "bonus" to the young man by rimming him. Needing to save the "good screw" for the boss, Fuji however can't hold back what Keisuke's been sucking for and "oops," blows into his Lip.



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