Jerk In the Office

Ever tried to pee with somebody standing there with a camcorder? Not the easiest task to "handle" as this young stud finds out. Since we're after the thicker juices from his penis, we'll turn off the camera so he can relieve himself. Back at the desk, he thumbs through a catalog of paint colors. Hmm, this ranks up there on the list of strange fetishes in my book LOL 🙂 Out comes the mobile phone and some porn before long as he starts to rub his crotch. I think we're getting somewhere as he undo's his belt and zipper and slips his hand inside his pants. Not sure what kind of porn he's watching, but it seems to be doing the trick as he drops his pants. Nice undies there kid! Now that we get our first glimpse of this young stud in "all" his glory, we find out he's got a nice set of balls… he's got my "full" attention now! I think he's got the cameraman a little excited as well as he's having a "hard" time keeping the camera still for a minute 🙂 As "things" get heated "up" and reach climax, (I do hope they have a good cleaning service) it's all over the chair, the floor, his pants and everything else. A healthy load for a healthy young stud but I still can't get over the paint color catalog as he goes right back to looking through it after busting his nut! Download the full video here!



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