Koki Walk Around

From other videos for Boysstarmovie.com, we've got the old master here today to show our model Koki some "tricks;" ever wanted to motivate someone from behind, stay tuned. Taking a massive electric anal toy takes a bit of work, pain and lots of laughter, but Koki finally gets things squared away. "Oops," someone's hitting the remote controls…hmm, that seems to have helped "motivate" Koki. Now we are going to take this "electric cowboy" for an exhilarating walk around the city; the old master will control the remote. Koki starts to walk more and more like John Wayne as he occasionally stops mid-step to adjust. We even get him inside a store for some shopping and again, "motivation" in motion. Koki stops for some food to bring back to the studio; enjoy the old master's touch. Once Koki's back upstairs, he removes the toy, "Amateur Ass" he'll be back, "pilgrim." Download the full video now!



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