Toraemon Shackled and Screwed

Toraemon has been a bad boy; he refuses to submit to this Amateur Daddy's advances. Bound and caged, it is time for the twink to yield. Sensitive to every touch, Toraemon is felt up before he swallows in this video. After a bit of oral, it's time for the twink to really "give it up." Pushing Toraemon up against the wall, the daddy goes in and has his "fill." Gasping at the sensation, the bottom holds the partition for support as the top repositions him. Shoved into the jail bars, the cuffs rattle, almost as much as the twink. With a nice reach around, the young man enjoys the feel of a hunk and moans in delight. Going back in, it's not long before the top blows while inside his "captive."



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