Taking Your Time

Taking on a chub, Tadashi works over KoJi before he plugs the huge guy. In this "long" BoyStarMovie.com, the pair shares a bed, and so much more. KoJi, who will bottom, is aroused by his partner, nip to tip. Standing, KoJi face pokes his beefy amateur twink then lays him down to slobber on the bottom's dick. After a nice "cling and jerk," the top works on KoJi's hole, first orally then "dildo-y." From here, it's a poke-fest, different positions, same results; both are very satisfied. Close, the top stands and blows into the bottom's mouth; the creamy load is dribbled down KoJi’s chest. Lying side by side on the bed, KoJi keeps looking at Tadashi's balls and Amateur Cock, neither seem ready to say goodnight. At this point, it becomes a Tadashi worshiping: the large boy takes his time and lavishes head to hole. Using his skills, KoJi arouses his partner with tongue, toys and of course, the "huge twink." By the end, Tadashi is blowing load number two as the "good vibrations" send him over the edge.



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