Innocent-looking schoolboy proves anything but with a woodland suck & screw! HD

Schoolboys have always had a reputation for being easily influenced by the more corruptive aspects of society, and young Jaxon Radoc – a blond, puppy-eyed beauty from Down Under – maintains the tradition when he encounters Rhys Casey sneaking a cigarette in the woods. Not that the twinkish beauty suddenly takes up smoking.

No, he’s way too interested in what’s under Casey’s uniform to be bothered by anything like that; and within a few minutes he’s eagerly feasting on the thick, uncut British shaft that’s nestling nicely within the other fellow’s pants. At which point you quickly realise that Radoc’s apparent innocence is nothing more than a facade. Truth is, the young man’s as much of a dick-lovin’ whore as any other lad on the STAXUS books, whose only ambition at this point is to get Casey’s shaft firmly embedded between his Amateur Ass-cheeks.

Suffice it to say that it doesn’t take long for the Brit-amateur twink to take advantage of his Aussie pal; and, having deep-throated the cutie, is soon ploughing into Radoc’s ass-hole with eager abandon. Unquestionably the highlight here is that of seeing Radoc riding Casey’s cock cowboy-style with his legs akimbo; and it’s no wonder that the amateur twink is soon spraying a generous wad of jizz in appreciation. Quickly followed by Casey himself, who neatly dumps over his newfound plug-buddy’s hairless chest. Rarely has a trip into the woods looked quite so worthwhile!



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