Toraemon: Wanted & Caged has for us today Toraemon, and we get him all to ourselves. This sexy Asian oozes desire and as he undresses, we see why. "Wanted and caged," by the time he pulls out his hard dick, we are right there with him. He strokes himself and lies back on the bed; his naked body is a true feast. Toned, tight and then bent over before us as he tugs his cock, Toraemon know how to please. Getting himself and us "in the zone," he begins to twitch as he arouses. The camera follows as the boy toys with his hairy hole; ah, to be his fingers. Panning up his muscular body and abs, his 6-pack definitely needs a licking. While he jerks his rod next to the bars, I can't help but think maybe he's in there for his protection; I can think of a "handful" of things I'd love to do to this boy toy. With some precum already glistening his cock, it doesn't take long before Toraemon is producing a nice thick string of cream; some pools up on the tip of his head, that is until he shakes it off, hands free.



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