The Sleep Over

A couple of hotties head back to their apartment for some "boy in boy" fun. These models enjoy one another and it shows; the bottom, Kakeru moans from the start. As Yura, who will top, takes the lead, he kisses, licks and enjoys all of his partner's body. Taking their time with each other, we see a very loving couple who know how to get each other off, as well as us. Once the pair are down to their underwear, they grind and suck one another fully. Kakeru's hard, cut cock is a mouthful for Yura, but a welcomed treat. When it's Yura's turn to be serviced, the bottom goes very slowly and lavishes every inch of his partner. Aroused, Yura then focuses on Kakeru's hole; both Amateur Twinks are very into one another and it's easy to see why. Finger pluging the bottom, Yura's touch is so gentle; he also blows the bottom as he gauges him. After going a couple of finger deep, pumping in and out, Yura uses a vibrator on his boyfriend, heightening Kakeru's pleasure. As the boys begin to plug, the top is careful and tender as both relish the sensation. Moving to several positions, Kakeru's moans become louder, and Yura’s thrusting becomes stronger. In a missionary position, Yura gives one final push and gasps. Removing his condom, filled with cream, he shows his partner all of the "pleasure" Kakeru's bottom has produced.



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