Only If I Cum In Your Lip

Always a nice day for oral play, Toraemon wakes Takashi for some fun. These two hotties move to the bed; remember how sensitive Toraemon's nipples are? Once he is "touched," he latches himself onto Takashi and never lets go. Holding Takashi's dick, like a golden prize, Toraemon soon swallows and "hoovers" like no other. Coming up for air, the boy is then stripped and toyed. Like his nipples, Toraemon's hole is very "reactive" to the touch. With the help of some lube, Takashi fingers aggressively. Toraemon soon takes Takashi's Amateur Cock back in his mouth, while fingering his own hole. Enjoying the view, almost as much as the boy relishes the sensation, Toraemon's sucking becomes even more passionate. Takashi helps out by face drilling the boy, pleasurable for all. With a tight oral grip, it's not long before action becomes reaction, and Takashi busts a huge load in the boy's Lip. Savoring the flavor, Toraemon then drips the jizz onto his stomach, good to the last drop.



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