Daddy Cuffs

This Daddy and his twink "play toy" enjoy a little bondage. Amateur Daddy Don handcuffs Keiichi to the bed rail and Keiichi "tries" to convince us that he's resistant but the erection in his undies isn't fooling any of us 🙂 Amateur Daddy Don unbuttons Keiichi's shirt and starts kissing and sucking on his nipples while playing with Keiichi's hard Amateur Dick. Nice balls Keiichi 🙂 Amateur Daddy Don then goes down on that hard cock giving it a tongue lashing. I already like how this pair plays! From there, Daddy releases Keiichi from the bed rail so Keiichi can give Daddy's Amateur Dick some tongue lashings as well. Afterwards, it's down onto the bed for some good old fashioned Amateur Butt play before Amateur Daddy gives Keiichi's cute little ass a "Amateur Cock lashing." Listening to Keiichi's whimpers and Daddy Don's growls throughout this scene just adds to the excitement. In the end, Keiichi gets a mouthful.



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