Fundoshi Love Part 1

Introductions are made between these two men who will demonstrate for us two very Japanese things. First is the wearing of the "fundoshi," a Japanese undergarment made from a long strip of white material. The cloth is wrapped around the waist, through the legs and up and over the groin; it is typically twisted to appear somewhat like a thong. This undergarment has been worn by Japanese men for thousands of years, up until WWll. The second aspect of this video is the love that a man can have for another man and the ways in which to pleasure one another. This video, "Fundoshi Love part 1," incorporates the time honored wearing of the undergarment, along with the more modern practice of using electric stimulators to pleasure one another. As both undress, they reveal themselves fully nude. Working with the undergarment material, the larger man becomes the teacher as he demonstrates to the pupil how to work the cloth properly. Going step by step, in the end, both agree this is actually a very comfortable alternative to underwear. Now, for the second part of their fun, they blow one another in a 69 position. Initially, the two follow the instructions of the director but it doesn't take long before they follow each other's lead. Taking over, the pupil lies the teacher down and begins to alternate sucking the man's nipples and groin. He then uses an electric vibrator to fully stimulate the teacher to orgasm. As we hear the "hum" of the stimulator pulsate, the teacher lets himself go and blows a creamy load onto his stomach. The pupil wipes off some, but quickly goes in for a taste. On the next video, it will be the pupil's turn to feel the comfort of another man. Download the full video here!



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