Three Studs Fuck in the Bathroom Trailer

Leslie and Randy are busy cleaning the bathroom when they stop for a cigarette break. Tony their captain walks in and doesn’t like that they are taking a smoke break so he decides they should pay for their laziness. Tony quickly starts undressing as Randy moves in and starts making out with him. Pretty soon Leslie is now sandwiched between Tony and Randy as he is being man handled. Standing behind Leslie Randy fingers his Amateur Butt just before driving his hard cock deep into his hole. Leslie is bent over while getting nailed and simultaneously sucking Tony’s Amateur Dick. All these men feature nice muscular bodies with just a little bit of chest hair making for a very masculine hammer scene. After Randy penetrates Leslie’s hole for a good period of time Tony moves in and has his turn. Wrapping his hands down around the base of his hard Amateur Dick he shoves his cock deep into Leslie’s Amateur Butt, pulls it all the way out and plugs it back in again.. He does this over and over. Awesome scene as the camera moves in nice and close where you can see the pink insides of Leslie’s ass as Tony’s Amateur Dick comes out just before plunging back in again. In the end Randy gets on his knees servicing both Leslie and Tony as they finish off shooting huge loads across Randy’s chest. Randy finishes up dumping a hot load onto his army fatigues.



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